Discovering Music

“Music is the best way to escape everything for a moment” ,truly said.
Music refreshes our soul and mind and help us to deal with our everyday problems. Music is eternal. Whenever we’re sad,we listen to music and feel like every sad song was made just for us. Whenever we are tired,we listen to music as it give us a relief and makes us feel fresh.Whenever we are bored,we listen to music as we know that it will entertains us.
That’s the magic of music. It creates a drastic impact on our lives and now,I cannot imagine my life without music. It has really changed my life and I’m planning to take music as my career as i am learning to play guitar too.
Also, discovering new type of music is also very exciting and interesting.

Till last year ,I only used to listen to Hindi songs but now my playlist is full of English songs and EDMs. Strange how fast and unexpected life can be. Now I prefer english songs over the boring hindi ones and groove to EDMs instead of Yo Yo honey singh’s tracks. Music is an important part of everyone’s life.
Being a teenager, I spend a lot of time listening to music and searching new songs and artists. Even research says that teenagers have a habbit of listening to music all day and it so holds true for me too. Music enlightens my soul and can turn a bad boring day into a good exciting one.
   I’m still amazed that exactly an year ago,the boy who was not so much interested in music and was having only few songs in his playlist and was rarely played is now totally different. Now,i listen to music all day long and cannot imagine my life without it. I’ve understood the true value of music and i needed something like this which energizes and rejuvenates me instantly.
Micheal Jackson which was just a popular name turned into his favourite singer, Ed sheeran who i wondered looks weird having a weird name when my friends suggested me to listen to him is now my all time favourite and i adore him a lot. Even the story if some singers and rappers like Eminem even inspires and motivates me. Some songs even makes me cry everytime i listen to them. I don’t know what,how and when all these transition happened but music is now my best friend and when no one understands me or if i feel lonely,i know what i got to do.
Take out my earphones,Plug in,Play and forget the world.

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She is the CHANGE

She was thankful to be born again. Her story is no less than that of a living dead who was almost death suffocating but is now lively and energetic breathing again.

“Incredible India”, truly said where almost  three-fourths of the women population is not working whereas the irony is that this population of women work more than anyone else can even imagine playing multiple roles of a responsible and loving mother ,sister, daughter  and many other but sadly, there hard work is not appreciated , where the sex ratio is inclined in support of men,  where around one third of the women are illiterate not getting basic education and getting exploited both at rural and urban level. A society where she is praised in the form of Dharti Maa,  Lakshmi Maa, Saraswati Maa ,Durga maa and other religious forms but at the same time she is killed,aborted and unwanted by many. What type of hypocrite  society are we living in?
Seeing the growing disturbance and unfair happening around but just being a spectator won’t do any good, one has to be the change to bring a change and she decided to BE THE CHANGE.

She being born in a struggling lower-middle class family was unwanted and was a burden for the poor parents. She came to this world but those who wear the word for left her . Yes! the newborn baby was thrown near the garbage without a thought but seems like the God had some other plans.
A nice old lady who was passing by grabbed the attention of the little angel crying near the garbage bin. The lady was extremely disappointed seeing such a shameful act committed by her parents and took the girl with her and nurtured her in the best possible way she could. She was brought back into life.
The old lady who used to live alone also got a sweet companion and took care of the little soul as she was her own daughter loving her,playing with her and cuddling her.   She was named “Lakshmi”. The old lady always used to be engaged in Charity related activities and social awareness programmes being a member of an NGO. 

As days passed, Lakshmi was growing up and was given all basic amenities including proper education and food of which many were deprived of. Lakshmi was unaware of the truth and considered the old lady as the one who gave her birth. Lakshmi was a frolicsome girl, always cheerful and lively but also was aware of what was going in the world like Girls being raped in the streets,  terrorist attacking various parts of the world and women with exploited and beaten but seeing the old lady dedicated towards working in helping such victims and spreading awareness ,she also started helping the old lady as she was ageing and could take her last breathe anytime.  Lakshmi used to share everything with the old lady.

One evening, watching the sun set sitting in her verandah,the old lady decided to reveal the truth to Lakshmi and make her aware of the real story as her health was deteriorating every passing day. Right after dinner that day she told Lakshmi that she wants to talk something important with her. After dinner, the old lady told her the truth heavy heartedly that she was picked up from the garbage bin and must have been thrown intentionally their parents. Lakshmi was dumbstruck but soon she felt that the old lady was no less than a mother as she played all the roles that are loving, responsible and caring mother does. Of course she was broken but she also felt lucky that she got to know such a pretty lady and was fascinated by the small acts of kindness she used to do and continued to do so till her last breath. The old lady knew that her end was near and gave some golden words of wisdom to Lakshmi motivating her and which never let her break down in future. It was late night and then tightly hugged each other before they went to sleep.

Next day morning ,Lakshmi was shocked to see that the old lady was not alive anymore and understood why she was informed about everything last night. The old lady was strong and the words of wisdom will always be remembered and from there on Laxmi never looked back and though the old lady didn’t exist physically anymore but the memories was always there with her alive and at the night she never goes to sleep without talking to her photograph. Following the footsteps, Lakshmi also dedicated her life towards social cause and protecting womens and young girls and always helping those in need . She also started an orphanage so that all those innocent souls who are considered as burden for their poor parents could be brought up and bring back to life. No power could stop her from reaching new heights and success and she was recognised nationwide for her acts of kindness and her work. The almighty is really with all of us and every day,She(Laxmi) was thankful to God and the old lady who gave her rebirth and is now the much needed CHANGE.

#BergerXP IB Meet

Berger which is one of the most famous company in painting industry all over India in coordination with Indiblogger organized a bloggers meet at the city of joy,Kolkata. 

Bloggers meet

The venue selected was The Grand Oberoi Hotel situated at Dharamtala..Indiblogger meets generally happens in Mumbai,Bangalore and Delhi and Kolkata always misses out but thanks to Berger for having trust and faith in kolkata and organizing an IB meet after 4 long years. I was very excited for this as this was my first Indiblogger meet and they did live upto my expectations.

Personalised badge

It was a gala event with lots of fun filled activities.
We started with the Introduction round where bloggers gave some tips to the newbies and youngsters present out there. Then we were briefed about all new  Berger products and how they have made painting home faster,cleaner and better. Berger has introduced many new tools like Sanding Machine,Airless paint sprayer,Multipurpose mixer amd various other equipments which has made painting no more a headache and is as simple as ABC (Thanks to #BergerXP ).

Berger Presentation

The whole team of IB and Berger were very interactive, supportive and friendly.
I made many new friends there and got an incentive to blog.I learned a lot from seniors who were there blogging from years..
The meet had 2 team activities and both of them were exciting.We (as a team)also made a painting on a social cause i.e. Women empowerment and it was liked by all. All other teams were also awesome and the best team won superb prizes too.


The bloggers meet also showered many prizes to the attendees. From photography contest to social media kingpin , it was a prize galore. The meet ended on a very happy note and i enjoyed it a hell lot. Now ,i can proudly say that i have also attended a Berger IB meet. Kolkata as always was very energetic and turned up despite the scorching heat and traffic during pujo shopping period. Even my exams are going on but still i couldn’t afford to miss this EPIC meet.

This meet has encouraged me a lot and i hope i will start blogging frequently again. Thanks Indiblogger and Berger for this sensational evening full of awesomeness. Come back soon team!

Ecstatic bloggers

Faida Always

The world is changing continuosly with advancement happening eveywhere, all want to exchange their goods and services and get the best returns out of it because at the end the return is what matters the most.
Faida is here to bring a Revolutionary change. If you don’t want to sell your item neither buy a new one, you can exchange it with some other commodity of your need.

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At ,Exchanging and getting rid of old items is as easy as ABC..
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Isn’t that an icing on the cake ?
Anddd All this is for free! I surely agree with their tagline i.e.
Bina Cash, Karo Aish!!
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[ Update: This was a part of a contest by and i won 1st prize in this too ]

Meet & Greet with starcast of Dil Dhadakne Do

The promotions of the upcoming star studded family drama movie Dil Dhadakne Do started today and this time , Kolkata was lucky to be the host..
The press conference event took place  at Hyatt Recency , Kolkata yesterday i.e. on 24th May 2015.
I got a chance to click a photo with the starcast at the Lounge.
All three actors I.e. Ranveer , Farhan and Anil kapoor were extremely friendly . Though we missed the queens of the movie I.e. Anushka and Deepika but the boys never let us feel their absence. Their presence would have just been the icing on the cake.


During the press conference , The actors sang the title song and also did a dance at the end to entertain their fans. It was a fun filled event and from there , they depart to the stadium to promote their movie at the IPL Finale .


I was invited to the event by Zoom TV and I would like to thank them for giving this wonderful opportunity to me.


This blog post is about my most memorable day in my life which inspired and taught me to see the world in new way and Be optimistic.
I have been a stubborn kid during my childhood and always used to complain about something or the other..My parents used to try their level best to keep me happy but making me happy was a difficult task and I hardly appreciated their hard work due to my arrogant nature.I remember how crazy I was for the latest gadgets and toys. Whenever I used to ask my parents to get me the latest toys and gadgets, most of the times they refused but now I understand that due to their bad economic status, they couldn’t afford to satisfy all my childish wishes but I am thankful to them that I was able to study in one of the highly reputed school in the city and they didn’t compromise in my studies. My parents were most probably fed up of me and wanted me to change and learn to appreciate small things and find happiness in that. They had talk with me many times explaining me to stay calm and they also called counsellors which can brainwash me but all in vain.

But at last, one of their plan succeeded. Every year on my birthday, my parents and I used to go out and have fun. That was probably the only day when my parents spend on me open hearted. Day before my 16th birthday , My dad promised me to gift an iPhone but the deal was that I also had to promise to go to the place of his choice with him on the next day, that is on my Birthday.  I happily agreed.
Next day early morning, on my birthday , my parents wished me and said that we have to leave home now because we will spend our whole day somewhere else, the venue being a secret to me.
Finally , we reached the venue and it was an Orphanage . I wondered that why did my parents bring me here on my birthday . When we entered, I saw many underprivileged children’s who were suffering with many diseases and some were blind too. I was feeling very sad for them. When I interacted with them,  they were quite happy.Of course, they do miss their real parents but they know how to find happiness in small things. They were so happy having so little and no adequate schooling nor food.
Then, my parents came to me and just smiled. We distributed Food and clothes among the children’s and they were very delighted .
Now ,I got to know why I they  brought me here. I should learn from those staying in the orphanages and million other children’s around the globe having so little . That day totally changed my perspective and made me optimistic and I thank my parents for all these. From that day onwards, I learned to appreciate small things and find happiness in every little thing. That day totally changed me and my parents were extremely happy that their hard work at last paid off.
My 16th birthday was the most memorable day in my life till now . It gave me the strength and motivation to Look Up and Never Lose Hope.

inspires us to be optimistic and Look Up Together.

Scrumptiuos Singapore

Singaporean cuisine is a very famous cuisine and one of my favourites because of its huge variety…My favourite food from the list is ” Fried Hokkien mee ” . In its common form, the dish consists of egg noodles and rice noodles stir-fried with egg, slices of pork , prawns and squid , and
served and garnished with
vegetables, small pieces of lard,
sambal sauce and lime which is used for adding
the lime juice to the dish.


There are 2 types of Hokkien mee in which the Hokkien hae mee is very famous and tasty in singapore. Hokkien hae mee is served in Penanag and i would recommend all my readers to try the singaporean delicacy at the earliest.
To know more,check out Discover Far East website.
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Bold Decision changed my life

I used to live in Plassey, nearby Kolkata and studied from goverment school there.The school was around 2-3 kms away from my house and since,there was no transportation facility,i had to walk everyday to school and sometimes,i used to borrow my friend’s bicycle for little comfort.It affected my health as well as studies and Also,I was a below average student.Since,my family was engaged in primary sector,I had also worked on fields and ponds.I have  struggled a lot from my childhood and i know,how hard my parents used to work to fulfill my needs and education.
At the age of 12,i started travelling to Kolkata by local train quite often.
Sometimes,due to work and sometimes for fun too like during durga puja.
And one day while i was travelling alone,i met an extremely beautiful girl in train .She was also alone and getting bored so i thought to accompany her. I felt a bit shy but i badly wanted to start a conversation with her so i sat next to her and we started talking..She was quite friendly and we both got to know a lot about each other.She was from a middle-class family of Kolkata.We both were of same age at that time and studying in 10th standard.
Then,i went to kolkata regularly just to meet her and we both had developed liking for each other.
We both wanted to spend more time together ,so i told my parents that i want to study further in Kolkata .They were shocked because i had lost  interest from studies.I also told them about my  girlfriend residing in Kolkata and finally,after a lot of arguement ,I left home and came to The City of Joy,Kolkata.
Coming to kolkata at the age of 17,Staying in a Guest house and started paying attention and concentrating on studies was my bold step. I took admission in the same school in which my girlfriend Divya was studying. She desired to be a doctor so she took science and I took commerce but she motivated and helped me a lot in studies. Because of her continuous help and support from my parents, I scored well in first term of my class 11 which gave a boost to my confidence level and I was ranked 3rd in my class at the end of the year. My aim is to become a C.A.  and I believe that i can achieve my goal if I work harder.
Now,I have completed my Higher Secondary studies and preparing for CPT exam ..
Though, I had lost contact with Divya but I still thank her for changing my life and motivating me..
Love made me strong and independent.
I believe that a correct and bold step can change your life and we shall never lose hope.
Just Be Confident and #StartANewLife . also inspires the world to be full of optimism and Work Hard. Check out this video to know more about them :


My parent’s have taught me many things in life and helped and supported me a lot. From my childhood ,i have observed one thing about my parents and that is,they both are highly optimistic..Whatever the situation is,they both are as strong as a wall and never loses hope. If anything goes wrong,they stay calm and handles the situation easily. They both work 24 X 7 just to see a smile on my face and i always used to complaint and ask for more and more. They have always advised me to ” Stay Positive ” and have faith in god.
   The pressure of higher studies along with so many tutions,makes me tired a lot and i can’t even sleep properly due to studies. I get frustrated  and annoyed very often. I think that the world and even the god,is unfair to me but whenever i have a talk with my parents ,i get cheered up as they motivate me a lot and fills me with optimism.Even before going to sleep,i always see picture of my parents and considering them as my idols, i remember their advice of ” Stay Positive ” and following it,i feel nice,relaxed and refreshed. Even,my sister’s daughter who is 4 years old filled me with optimism .She taught me to find happiness in little things and always cheers me up and makes me laugh by her silly but funny actions. If a small girl can be so optimistic, then why can’t I ?
    So Now,i have started being Optimistic and taking everything lightly and in a positive way.I believe,that optimism can lead to better life as well as can result in better health . I don’t get tensed and enjoy my life without thinking about tomorrow and what’s in store for me by god .I believe in myself , my parents and my god and I am sure that they will help me during my bad times. I have learned to look up and never lose hope because life is too short to be serious and we shall enjoy it to the most. If anything bad happens, we shall not worry and stay calm and find happiness in Small moments of daily life and learn from it..I believe that World and the nature itself is optimistic  and we find optimistic things everywhere like I found it in my home itself I.e. my parents..
Meet the new housing and check out and find out their optimistic story too. Housing helps you to search for a better home as every house must be filled with optimism which leads to better housing and better society too.
Trust me readers , Being Optimistic is best and good for you too.