On the eve of 12th August 2013,I got the honour to attend ” The Telegraph Food Guide Awards ” at The Galaxy,Park Hotel..


The event was fantastic,Totally a GALA time…Everybody present there must have enjoyed it a lot for sure…
And the food was Incredibly was a food to die for and a heavenly treat to a Foodie like me..From Sushi to Desserts,All were Awesome…


The Presence of Some big Tollywood Celebs made the night even more Rocking..Abir Chatterjee and Paoli Dam unveil the Telegraph Food Guide Awards and also The presence of Raima Sen and Fashion Designer Abhishek Dutta made the Night Awesome…


Talking about The Awards,The Best Vegetarian was won by Khandani Rajdhani,Best South Indian to Tamarind,Best North Indian to Veda,Best Bengali Food to Oh! Calcutta,Best Continental to Mainland China and Best Italian to Spaghetti Kitchen..Also,A Restaurant was Choosen from all our favousite hotel like Kebab-E-Que of The Astor,Aaheli of Peerless In and Zodiac of Fortune and many more..


In short,the night was totally Awesome and Rocking and i enjoyed it a lot..
Special thanx to for inviting me to the event..

With Lots of Hard Work and Love 🙂

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