Champions of Champions

Finally,after such a long break,the Cricketing Season is again back and with The fifth edition of the Champions League T20..


Starting from 17 September,the Super-battle of 12 superb teams with some quality players would starting..The Super Champion i.e the Winner will get whooping 2.5 Million $ and it would be interesting to see the Best of Best and Awesome cricketing actions in the 29 matches of
CL T20..Teams to watch out for are Brisbane Heats,Trinidad and Tobago,HighVield Lions and My Favourite Chennai Super Kings..The New hairstyle of MS Dhoni will also be seen in this league i.e the Mohawak Style..Ending on 6th October,this would be a fantastic season as there is lot more of Actions where India will play as a united nation..
Hope that the Cricketing Season does not involve any scandals and make All Cricketoholics like me enjoy it.

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