BBM on Android and iOS

The much awaiting BBM has finally now been released on Android and iOS platforms and created a huge buzz in the market..


BBM Getting a huge response recieved 10 million users in just 24 hours..

Some of the BlackBerry users bought their BB just for using BBM and the Sad part for them is that they still have to Pay for it to Use it..Pity on them but Thankfully,BBM is free for Android and iOS users..

My Story : After Downloading BBM,it asks for our email to Register and Due to the huge response,it took more than 50 hours to be in front of the line and Activate my BBM..

The Best part about BBM is that We can select with whom we want to talk and it gives us privacy..
Easy to use BBM has many cool features and has awesome emotions..

Lets see that can BBM beat Apps like Whatsapp,WeChat e.t.c ..

My BBM Pin : 765E5996



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