We all have watched Sachin playing from our Childhood and he is Inspiration for many and Every Parent wants their Child to be a cricketer like Sachin..

Mr. Perfect in Cricket

There is no words to describe this Man or why not say,this God..
” If Cricket is a Religion, Sachin is the God ” And Almost All Cricket Fans around the World will Agree to the above statement ..

Sachin gave all Indian Cricket Fans Millions of Reasons to Celebrate and..

.. Made us Proud..Almost all Records are in the Name of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar..

From being a Ball Boy to The most Successful Cricketer in the World,
He faced lots of difficulties and Injuries were like his Best Friend but He never lost his hope and continued playing For India..


Thank You Sachin for Serving Indian Cricket for 24 years and Made the Past 24 years,Magical years for Indian Cricket..

Active at the Age of 40

The Craze for the God’s Last Test was Overwhelming..We all witnessed him batting for the Last time and He scored brilliant 74 runs and Played Classic Shots..We all wanted him to score a Century still Never Mind,he Made the crowd enjoy like always..

The Magic of Sachin was such that #ThankYouSachin was Trending in twitter almost every day from November 6 and All Thanx to @BCCI for their Fantastic Campaign..
Giving All Sachin fans like me such a Great Gift i.e Digitally signed autograph of the Man Himself..


The Motivational and Emotional Speech given by him at the Presentation Ceremony today in his last test match made almost every Indian cry..
Seeing Tears in God’s eyes bought tears in Indian Cricket fans eyes too..Thats how much we love Sachin

One Man Army

Legends Never Retire and Sachin Might have Retired from Cricket but he will never retire from our Hearts..
We will Miss You Sachin ..

Legendary Sachin

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