Indian General Elections coming in 2014 is hot trending topic nowadays..
Many people in India doesn’t votes and feels lazy to go and cast vote for our good only..
They all have lame excuses of not standing in such long queue and Wait for their turn or they were not well,but this should not happen..Each and every citizen should vote the leaders whom we would like to run the country and take major decisions..


India’s Youth should step forward and start voting and As we all know,that we have been addicted to Social Mobile Apps and Spend most of our time in such apps only,we should spread the message of Voting and ask everyone to cast a vote through these social mobile apps only like WeChat and all..
We spend our important time chatting in these mobile apps but now,lets make more better use of such apps to spread the message to vote in the upcoming Gendral elections..
Hereby,I request all my friends specially the youth to vote and ask others also to vote and this can be done quickly and easily through Social Mobile apps like i am doing..
Lets make India better for tommorow


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