Being #MrAndMrs ..LovE forever

Love is something which happens is not forcefully or intentially done..It has many pro’s and con’s and very dangerous..
All are not lucky enough to get love but some are ..
For my love,i can do anything to achieve her..
I am in love with her truly and I think she also loves me..


Last year,We went for Trip during Valentines Day and i walked on fire for her to prove my love and she was angry with me that time so this daring act of mine made her happy and emotional and then,i proposed her in front of all..I can leave everything,sacrifice everybody,Do anything,go to any height for my love..
I can travel a 100000 miles for my love,i can fly anywhere in the globe and i can swim across any river for my love,my life..So,far is my journey to get my love and To go further to get closer to my love ♥..

British Airways helps me get closer to my love by introducing flight tickets at such an affordable rates and making Love Possible in the Air also making the quote “LOVE IS IN THE AIR ” true…Check their website to explore more :: British Airways website
The Distance between me and my love may be close or very far,but i can do anything for my sweetheart..There is no geographical boundaries for me and my love..
British Airways has helped and hopefully will be helping to Go Further to get closer to someone you love …Here is an example >>  Go Further to Get Closer British Airways
Check out this heart touching video which also inspires all of us to go further and far to get closer to someone we truly love..Love never dies and so is distance between two love birds..We should believe and remember British Airways always as it makes joining of love possible.. ♥♡♥

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