What’s that Smell ,Boss !!

My close encounter with bad smell was when my boss sent me to a client’s office and i had to work with client whole day and the client was smelling very bad,i think he did not took a bath of hot water that day..When i became too irritated ,then i had the guts to say him that WHATS THAT SMELL BOSS ,then He said That He is not getting any Smell.Afterwards,i said him that “It’s you who is smelling i think ,Did’nt u sprayed deo or perfume ? ” and then he answered that he forgot to take bath that day , So i suggested him that To get the best hot water and to get reborn everyday,we should install Racold Thermo Water heater in our house,it refreshes our mind and makes us feel reborn and new everyday..
You can get more information from their facebook page here >> https://www.facebook.com/racoldthermoltd
Racold offers Electric,Gas and solar water heaters So,When we take bath From Racold water Heater,we will never smell bad and instead, We Will have a good personality..
Do check this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9ARfefu_Ic

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