My parent’s have taught me many things in life and helped and supported me a lot. From my childhood ,i have observed one thing about my parents and that is,they both are highly optimistic..Whatever the situation is,they both are as strong as a wall and never loses hope. If anything goes wrong,they stay calm and handles the situation easily. They both work 24 X 7 just to see a smile on my face and i always used to complaint and ask for more and more. They have always advised me to ” Stay Positive ” and have faith in god.
   The pressure of higher studies along with so many tutions,makes me tired a lot and i can’t even sleep properly due to studies. I get frustrated  and annoyed very often. I think that the world and even the god,is unfair to me but whenever i have a talk with my parents ,i get cheered up as they motivate me a lot and fills me with optimism.Even before going to sleep,i always see picture of my parents and considering them as my idols, i remember their advice of ” Stay Positive ” and following it,i feel nice,relaxed and refreshed. Even,my sister’s daughter who is 4 years old filled me with optimism .She taught me to find happiness in little things and always cheers me up and makes me laugh by her silly but funny actions. If a small girl can be so optimistic, then why can’t I ?
    So Now,i have started being Optimistic and taking everything lightly and in a positive way.I believe,that optimism can lead to better life as well as can result in better health . I don’t get tensed and enjoy my life without thinking about tomorrow and what’s in store for me by god .I believe in myself , my parents and my god and I am sure that they will help me during my bad times. I have learned to look up and never lose hope because life is too short to be serious and we shall enjoy it to the most. If anything bad happens, we shall not worry and stay calm and find happiness in Small moments of daily life and learn from it..I believe that World and the nature itself is optimistic  and we find optimistic things everywhere like I found it in my home itself I.e. my parents..
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Trust me readers , Being Optimistic is best and good for you too.


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