Bold Decision changed my life

I used to live in Plassey, nearby Kolkata and studied from goverment school there.The school was around 2-3 kms away from my house and since,there was no transportation facility,i had to walk everyday to school and sometimes,i used to borrow my friend’s bicycle for little comfort.It affected my health as well as studies and Also,I was a below average student.Since,my family was engaged in primary sector,I had also worked on fields and ponds.I have  struggled a lot from my childhood and i know,how hard my parents used to work to fulfill my needs and education.
At the age of 12,i started travelling to Kolkata by local train quite often.
Sometimes,due to work and sometimes for fun too like during durga puja.
And one day while i was travelling alone,i met an extremely beautiful girl in train .She was also alone and getting bored so i thought to accompany her. I felt a bit shy but i badly wanted to start a conversation with her so i sat next to her and we started talking..She was quite friendly and we both got to know a lot about each other.She was from a middle-class family of Kolkata.We both were of same age at that time and studying in 10th standard.
Then,i went to kolkata regularly just to meet her and we both had developed liking for each other.
We both wanted to spend more time together ,so i told my parents that i want to study further in Kolkata .They were shocked because i had lost  interest from studies.I also told them about my  girlfriend residing in Kolkata and finally,after a lot of arguement ,I left home and came to The City of Joy,Kolkata.
Coming to kolkata at the age of 17,Staying in a Guest house and started paying attention and concentrating on studies was my bold step. I took admission in the same school in which my girlfriend Divya was studying. She desired to be a doctor so she took science and I took commerce but she motivated and helped me a lot in studies. Because of her continuous help and support from my parents, I scored well in first term of my class 11 which gave a boost to my confidence level and I was ranked 3rd in my class at the end of the year. My aim is to become a C.A.  and I believe that i can achieve my goal if I work harder.
Now,I have completed my Higher Secondary studies and preparing for CPT exam ..
Though, I had lost contact with Divya but I still thank her for changing my life and motivating me..
Love made me strong and independent.
I believe that a correct and bold step can change your life and we shall never lose hope.
Just Be Confident and #StartANewLife . also inspires the world to be full of optimism and Work Hard. Check out this video to know more about them :

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