This blog post is about my most memorable day in my life which inspired and taught me to see the world in new way and Be optimistic.
I have been a stubborn kid during my childhood and always used to complain about something or the other..My parents used to try their level best to keep me happy but making me happy was a difficult task and I hardly appreciated their hard work due to my arrogant nature.I remember how crazy I was for the latest gadgets and toys. Whenever I used to ask my parents to get me the latest toys and gadgets, most of the times they refused but now I understand that due to their bad economic status, they couldn’t afford to satisfy all my childish wishes but I am thankful to them that I was able to study in one of the highly reputed school in the city and they didn’t compromise in my studies. My parents were most probably fed up of me and wanted me to change and learn to appreciate small things and find happiness in that. They had talk with me many times explaining me to stay calm and they also called counsellors which can brainwash me but all in vain.

But at last, one of their plan succeeded. Every year on my birthday, my parents and I used to go out and have fun. That was probably the only day when my parents spend on me open hearted. Day before my 16th birthday , My dad promised me to gift an iPhone but the deal was that I also had to promise to go to the place of his choice with him on the next day, that is on my Birthday.  I happily agreed.
Next day early morning, on my birthday , my parents wished me and said that we have to leave home now because we will spend our whole day somewhere else, the venue being a secret to me.
Finally , we reached the venue and it was an Orphanage . I wondered that why did my parents bring me here on my birthday . When we entered, I saw many underprivileged children’s who were suffering with many diseases and some were blind too. I was feeling very sad for them. When I interacted with them,  they were quite happy.Of course, they do miss their real parents but they know how to find happiness in small things. They were so happy having so little and no adequate schooling nor food.
Then, my parents came to me and just smiled. We distributed Food and clothes among the children’s and they were very delighted .
Now ,I got to know why I they  brought me here. I should learn from those staying in the orphanages and million other children’s around the globe having so little . That day totally changed my perspective and made me optimistic and I thank my parents for all these. From that day onwards, I learned to appreciate small things and find happiness in every little thing. That day totally changed me and my parents were extremely happy that their hard work at last paid off.
My 16th birthday was the most memorable day in my life till now . It gave me the strength and motivation to Look Up and Never Lose Hope.

inspires us to be optimistic and Look Up Together.

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