Faida Always

The world is changing continuosly with advancement happening eveywhere, all want to exchange their goods and services and get the best returns out of it because at the end the return is what matters the most.
Faida is here to bring a Revolutionary change. If you don’t want to sell your item neither buy a new one, you can exchange it with some other commodity of your need.

Your old mobile phone which is now a pain to you can be extremely useful for someone else..
At Faida.com ,Exchanging and getting rid of old items is as easy as ABC..
Moreover, It is Quick, and super easy. You can list any item you want and your data and information will always be safe and secured..
Also to make you more addictive to this,Get involved in this exciting game to earn reward points for virtually everything you do and then you can use those points to get
Faida.com merchandise..
Isn’t that an icing on the cake ?
Anddd All this is for free! I surely agree with their tagline i.e.
Bina Cash, Karo Aish!!
Try Now

[ Update: This was a part of a contest by http://www.floatingmonster.com and i won 1st prize in this too ]

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