She is the CHANGE

She was thankful to be born again. Her story is no less than that of a living dead who was almost death suffocating but is now lively and energetic breathing again.

“Incredible India”, truly said where almost  three-fourths of the women population is not working whereas the irony is that this population of women work more than anyone else can even imagine playing multiple roles of a responsible and loving mother ,sister, daughter  and many other but sadly, there hard work is not appreciated , where the sex ratio is inclined in support of men,  where around one third of the women are illiterate not getting basic education and getting exploited both at rural and urban level. A society where she is praised in the form of Dharti Maa,  Lakshmi Maa, Saraswati Maa ,Durga maa and other religious forms but at the same time she is killed,aborted and unwanted by many. What type of hypocrite  society are we living in?
Seeing the growing disturbance and unfair happening around but just being a spectator won’t do any good, one has to be the change to bring a change and she decided to BE THE CHANGE.

She being born in a struggling lower-middle class family was unwanted and was a burden for the poor parents. She came to this world but those who wear the word for left her . Yes! the newborn baby was thrown near the garbage without a thought but seems like the God had some other plans.
A nice old lady who was passing by grabbed the attention of the little angel crying near the garbage bin. The lady was extremely disappointed seeing such a shameful act committed by her parents and took the girl with her and nurtured her in the best possible way she could. She was brought back into life.
The old lady who used to live alone also got a sweet companion and took care of the little soul as she was her own daughter loving her,playing with her and cuddling her.   She was named “Lakshmi”. The old lady always used to be engaged in Charity related activities and social awareness programmes being a member of an NGO. 

As days passed, Lakshmi was growing up and was given all basic amenities including proper education and food of which many were deprived of. Lakshmi was unaware of the truth and considered the old lady as the one who gave her birth. Lakshmi was a frolicsome girl, always cheerful and lively but also was aware of what was going in the world like Girls being raped in the streets,  terrorist attacking various parts of the world and women with exploited and beaten but seeing the old lady dedicated towards working in helping such victims and spreading awareness ,she also started helping the old lady as she was ageing and could take her last breathe anytime.  Lakshmi used to share everything with the old lady.

One evening, watching the sun set sitting in her verandah,the old lady decided to reveal the truth to Lakshmi and make her aware of the real story as her health was deteriorating every passing day. Right after dinner that day she told Lakshmi that she wants to talk something important with her. After dinner, the old lady told her the truth heavy heartedly that she was picked up from the garbage bin and must have been thrown intentionally their parents. Lakshmi was dumbstruck but soon she felt that the old lady was no less than a mother as she played all the roles that are loving, responsible and caring mother does. Of course she was broken but she also felt lucky that she got to know such a pretty lady and was fascinated by the small acts of kindness she used to do and continued to do so till her last breath. The old lady knew that her end was near and gave some golden words of wisdom to Lakshmi motivating her and which never let her break down in future. It was late night and then tightly hugged each other before they went to sleep.

Next day morning ,Lakshmi was shocked to see that the old lady was not alive anymore and understood why she was informed about everything last night. The old lady was strong and the words of wisdom will always be remembered and from there on Laxmi never looked back and though the old lady didn’t exist physically anymore but the memories was always there with her alive and at the night she never goes to sleep without talking to her photograph. Following the footsteps, Lakshmi also dedicated her life towards social cause and protecting womens and young girls and always helping those in need . She also started an orphanage so that all those innocent souls who are considered as burden for their poor parents could be brought up and bring back to life. No power could stop her from reaching new heights and success and she was recognised nationwide for her acts of kindness and her work. The almighty is really with all of us and every day,She(Laxmi) was thankful to God and the old lady who gave her rebirth and is now the much needed CHANGE.

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