Discovering Music

“Music is the best way to escape everything for a moment” ,truly said.
Music refreshes our soul and mind and help us to deal with our everyday problems. Music is eternal. Whenever we’re sad,we listen to music and feel like every sad song was made just for us. Whenever we are tired,we listen to music as it give us a relief and makes us feel fresh.Whenever we are bored,we listen to music as we know that it will entertains us.
That’s the magic of music. It creates a drastic impact on our lives and now,I cannot imagine my life without music. It has really changed my life and I’m planning to take music as my career as i am learning to play guitar too.
Also, discovering new type of music is also very exciting and interesting.

Till last year ,I only used to listen to Hindi songs but now my playlist is full of English songs and EDMs. Strange how fast and unexpected life can be. Now I prefer english songs over the boring hindi ones and groove to EDMs instead of Yo Yo honey singh’s tracks. Music is an important part of everyone’s life.
Being a teenager, I spend a lot of time listening to music and searching new songs and artists. Even research says that teenagers have a habbit of listening to music all day and it so holds true for me too. Music enlightens my soul and can turn a bad boring day into a good exciting one.
   I’m still amazed that exactly an year ago,the boy who was not so much interested in music and was having only few songs in his playlist and was rarely played is now totally different. Now,i listen to music all day long and cannot imagine my life without it. I’ve understood the true value of music and i needed something like this which energizes and rejuvenates me instantly.
Micheal Jackson which was just a popular name turned into his favourite singer, Ed sheeran who i wondered looks weird having a weird name when my friends suggested me to listen to him is now my all time favourite and i adore him a lot. Even the story if some singers and rappers like Eminem even inspires and motivates me. Some songs even makes me cry everytime i listen to them. I don’t know what,how and when all these transition happened but music is now my best friend and when no one understands me or if i feel lonely,i know what i got to do.
Take out my earphones,Plug in,Play and forget the world.

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